Connecticut Turnpike Opens – Today in History: January 2

January 2, 2019

On January 2, 1958, Governor Abraham Ribicoff officially opened the Connecticut Turnpike—today the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike—to traffic. …[more]

Categories: Abraham Ribicoff, Branford, Darien, East Lyme, Greenwich, Killingly, Madison, Montville, Norwalk, Plainfield, Postwar United States, Stratford, Transportation, West Haven

East Thompson train wreck, December 4, 1891

The Day Four Trains Collided in East Thompson

December 4, 2018

Thompson, Connecticut, was the site of one of the most horrific railway accidents in American history. The catastrophe claimed the... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Disaster, Thompson, Transportation

Pierre Lallement and the Modern-Day Pedal Bicycle – Today in History: November 20

November 20, 2018

On November 20, 1866, mechanic Pierre Lallement, a temporary resident of New Haven, Connecticut, received a patent for an improvement in velocipedes. …[more]

Categories: Albert Pope, Ansonia, Civil War and Reconstruction, Invention and Technology, New Haven, Transportation

Detail of Map exhibiting the route of the Norwich & Worcester Railroad

Iron and Water: The Norwich & Worcester Railroad Story

November 16, 2018

Connecticut’s early railroad history had at its core the goal of linking New York City and Boston through a hybrid system of steamboats and trains.  …[more]

Categories: Norwich, Transportation

View on the Erie Canal

Benjamin Wright: The Father of American Civil Engineering

October 18, 2018

Benjamin Wright helped build transportation and canal systems in the United States and served as the chief engineer on the... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Transportation, Wethersfield, Work

Detail of the French army's map of its route across Connecticut in Bolton

Site Lines: Mapping Rochambeau’s March across Connecticut

October 11, 2018

Moving troops and materiel over long distances during the Revolutionary War required accurate maps, most of which were in British hands, until French allies came to the rebelling colonists' aid. …[more]

Categories: Exploration and Discovery, Politics and Government, Revolutionary War, Transportation

Lisbon Tunnel Completed – Today in History: August 28

August 28, 2018

The Norwich and Worcester Railroad built the first railroad tunnel in Connecticut, and one of the first tunnels in the nation, in the town of Lisbon in the 1830s. …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Expansion and Reform, Lisbon, Transportation

President Roosevelt and his entourage in Hartford

Roosevelt Rides in an Electric Car – Today in History: August 22

August 22, 2018

On August 22, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt rode through the streets of Hartford in an electric automobile. Automobile production was... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Hartford, Invention and Technology, Transportation

Work on foundation of the Bulkeley Bridge

The Sand Hogs Set the Foundation for the Bulkeley Bridge

August 15, 2018

Toiling in dangerous conditions beneath the Connecticut River's surface for only $2.50 a day, African American workers dug the foundation for the Bulkeley Bridge. …[more]

Categories: Social Movements, Transportation, Work

Collision on the Housatonic Railroad near Bridgeport

Horror on the Housatonic: The Railroad Disaster of August 1865

August 14, 2018

Despite measures to ensure the safe operation of railroad trains traveling in opposite directions on single-track lines, things sometimes went wrong—with deadly results. …[more]

Categories: Disaster, Transportation

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