Ashford Academy, Ashford

Ashford Academy, Ashford – Jerry Dougherty

Ashford, a part of Windham County, is located in the northeast, or Quiet Corner, of Connecticut. Formerly New Scituate, Ashford was settled in 1710 and incorporated as a town in October of 1714. The Old Connecticut Path, an early Native American thoroughfare, crossed what is now the Ashford Common. Later, the Boston and Hartford Turnpike provided a direct route through Ashford from Boston to Connecticut. Notable sites in this largely residential community include the June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation and the late-Paul Newman’s The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.


Enoch Smith Woods, Colonel Thomas Knowlton

Thomas Knowlton: A Small Town’s National Hero

Thomas Knowlton is arguably Ashford's most widely recognized war hero. …[more]

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