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Contributing to ConnecticutHistory.org

ConnecticutHistory.org, a project of Connecticut Humanities, is a state public history resource written for a diverse set of readers, ranging from students to educators to history buffs. We provide engaging, well-researched stories about Connecticut history that link to reliable primary and interpretive resources. These include related online databases, digitized primary source documents, artifacts, images, media, finding aids, etc. Our goal is to encourage readers to engage with the institutions, archives, museums, and communities that hold and interpret the materials that explore the diversity of Connecticut’s history.

What Are We Looking For?

ConnecticutHistory.org publishes and helps share diverse and engaging stories about Connecticut’s history. We are looking for concise, compelling, Connecticut-focused articles written for a public audience (aim for a 7th grade reading level).

Each article should be well-researched, using both primary and secondary sources. Our articles run anywhere between 350 to 1,200 words. ConnecticutHistory.org generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style with certain exceptions.

In addition to your writing, please include a list of sources and two to four images to help illustrate your article. The images should be in the public domain, freely useable under an appropriate Creative Commons license, created by yourself, or otherwise permissible for use by ConnecticutHistory.org. We can work with you to find appropriate images.

How to Get Started

Email connecticuthistory@cthumanities.org to pitch us your idea! We will ask you to submit a writing sample from your previous work. If you have a historical research background and would like to write for ConnecticutHistory.org but do not have any ideas, we can work with you to find a topic.

Part of a Historical or Cultural Organization?

ConnecticutHistory.org collaborates with a wide variety of groups around Connecticut such as historical societies, museums, libraries, universities, and cultural organizations. Past projects have included repurposing exhibit material, connecting articles to collection items, sharing primary sources, and more.

If your organization is interested in collaborating with ConnecticutHistory.org to produce content, email connecticuthistory@cthumanities.org.


Who usually writes for ConnecticutHistory.org?

The majority of our writers are historians, professors, graduate students, teachers, museum professionals, and other scholars. That being said, history is written for and by everyone—anyone can write for ConnecticutHistory.org as long as they provide proof of critical writing and historical research skills.

Can I get paid for writing for ConnecticutHistory.org?

Yes, ConnecticutHistory.org offers individual writers a modest payment per article. Some writers or organizations choose to volunteer their time and expertise to write content.

I have more questions…

We are happy to answer any questions—contact us at connecticuthistory@cthumanities.org with your questions and pitches!

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