Call for 250 Content Call for 250th Related Content invites prospective authors to submit pitches for content related to the themes developed by the America 250 | CT Commission for the United States’ Semiquincentennial (250th) anniversary. Proposed content does not need to be strictly about the American Revolutionary period, but should consider how its questions of freedom, representative democracy, and societal change continue in other aspects of Connecticut history. We are looking for pitches for the following types of content:

Encyclopedic Entries: Simple, straightforward description of the basic facts or life story of an important person, event, group/organization, or place in Connecticut. We are especially interested in entries that focus on diverse aspects of Connecticut’s history that are not yet included on Some examples of content priorities include:

  • Latino/a people and groups/organizations
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander people and groups/organizations
  • LGBTQIA+ stories
  • Disability history

Interpretive Articles: Concise, compelling narratives that explore some aspect of Connecticut’s history. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • How the history of a particular event has been documented and remembered
  • Using specific collections or artifacts to explore aspects of Connecticut history
  • Analysis of data sets like census records, population data, or other compiled information

Digital Projects: Creative, born-digital ways of communicating or analyzing an aspect of Connecticut’s history. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • StoryMaps
  • Interactive timelines
  • Mapping projects

All accepted authors are compensated for their published content. Encyclopedia entries (approx. 350-1,000 words) are compensated at $150 and interpretive articles (approx. 500-1,200 words) at $200 each. Digital project compensation is determined after discussion and is based on the scope of the project. All content is expected to be well-researched, factually accurate, and offer balanced, authoritative historical interpretations.


Pitches should be 1-3 paragraphs in length and include a description of the topic, form of proposed content (encyclopedic entry, interpretive article, or digital project), and how it connects to one (or more) of the America 250 | CT themes. If you would like to contribute but do not have an idea to pitch, please contact us expressing your interest—we can provide options and content gaps that we would like someone to develop!

Please submit your pitches via email to Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis and submission is not guarantee of content acceptance.

America 250 | CT Themes

Tell Inclusive Stories: The 250th serves as inspiration for the people of Connecticut to deal with and share stories that represent all of its people, past and present.

Power of Place: Connecticut is comprised of 169 towns and cities, five recognized tribes, and countless communities with unique identities and contributions.

Doing History: Inviting audiences to engage with historical methods can help them become more comfortable with the ambiguous, contested, and always-evolving nature of history.

For the Common Good: The 250th anniversary offers an opportunity to reconsider the origins of our government, democratic institutions, and broader civic life, and a chance to reflect on the ways we have changed them over time.

For more information on the themes and the America 250 | CT Commission, please see this planning guide resource.

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