Signpost, Harwinton

Signpost, Harwinton – Doug Kerr

The Naugatuck River forms the western boundary of Harwinton, a town on the east-central edge of Litchfield County. Its name, unique in the US, reflects its formation from lands held by the proprietors of Hartford and Windsor. This Hartford and Windsor town (Har-Win-ton) incorporated in 1737. Agriculture and light industry formed Harwinton’s economic base while its location on the Hartford-Litchfield turnpike brought commerce and travelers, including George Washington, through town. In addition to the clock-making firm of Edward Hopkins and Augustus Alfred, Harwinton’s businesses included producers of barrels, brick, tinware, and other goods. Today, the annual Harwinton Fair, established in 1853, honors the town’s agricultural past and present.


Horse drinking from a watering trough, Harwinton

Hidden Nearby: Harwinton’s Catlin Trough

This memorial to a town father reminds us of the integral role that horses and other animals once played in daily life.  …[more]

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