Harwinton’s Sign has a Long History – Who Knew?
June 25, 2022 • Harwinton, Who Knew?
Signpost, Harwinton

Signpost, Harwinton - Doug Kerr

…that a sign has stood at the intersection of Route 4 and South Road in Harwinton for over 200 years.

The use of a sign as a means of communication in that spot dates back to the town’s original proprietors in the early 1700s. It not only provided directions to travelers but also served as a place for the town’s government to post legal notices in a central location. Originally a simple post, the sign took on its iconic form between 1844 and 1860 when Lewis Smith, the town’s probate judge, designed it in the form of a box. The box provided an overhang to protect the legal notices attached to the post from the elements. These sign-boxes were used throughout the town to inform residents of pending legal matters.

The Harwinton Historical Society currently maintains the sign-box, a replica of Lewis Smith’s design.

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