Restoration of Claosaurus Annectens, Othniel Charles Marsh

Since the state’s earliest days, ingenious minds have advanced the boundaries of medicine, manufacturing, transportation, and other fields with their scientific and technological innovations. For example, David Bushnell developed the first functional submarine in the 1770s and dentist Horace Wells helped pioneer surgical anesthesia in the mid-1800s. More recently, Groton’s Electric Boat Company launched the world’s first nuclear-powered vessel, the USS Nautilus submarine, in 1954. Today, research teams at Yale University, the University of Connecticut, other educational centers, and corporate sites are working on advances in genetics, aerospace technology, sustainable energy, and disease prevention to name but a few areas.

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Heart Pump out of an Erector Set – Who Knew?

Yale medical student William Sewell Jr. built the first artificial heart (partly out of Erector Set pieces), and conducted successful bypass experiments in 1949. …[more]

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