Columbia Mark XLVIII

Columbia Mark XLVIII made by Electric Vehicle Company, Hartford – Connecticut Historical Society and Connecticut History Illustrated

Many of Connecticut’s achievements in transportation have also contributed to far-reaching societal changes. For example, Columbia bicycles produced in Hartford not only brought greater personal mobility to the masses they also contributed to women’s suffrage and the Good Roads Movement of the late 19th century. The state’s transportation history also includes early Native American trails that traced routes still in use today, New England’s most ambitious canal project, and the highways that helped promote suburban development. A past mode of moving people and goods that remains in use today is the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill ferry; opened in 1655, it is the oldest continuously running service of its kind in the US.

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Shipbuilding at Gildersleeve Ship Construction Co., Portland

The Gildersleeve Shipbuilding Legacy in Portland

Perhaps the most recognizable name in the history of Portland, Connecticut shipbuilding is Sylvester Gildersleeve. …[more]

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