Florence Griswold House, Old Lyme

Florence Griswold House, Old Lyme – Hartford Daily Photo

Old Lyme, in New London County, is located in southeast Connecticut on the mouth of the Connecticut River where it meets the Long Island Sound. Formerly known as Black Hall, it separated from Saybrook in 1655. It then incorporated as South Lyme, apart from Lyme, in May of 1855, and received its current name in 1857. Early industry centered on fishing, shipping, shipbuilding, and a salt monopoly. Evolving into a summer resort and artists’ colony in the nineteenth century, Old Lyme is known for the Florence Griswold Museum, Lyme Academy College of Fine Art, and the Lyme Art Association.

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Video – Florence Griswold Tribute Film

The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame pays tribute to Florence Griswold, an Old Lyme native who fostered the impressionist art movement in Connecticut.  …[more]

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