Walnut Hill Park, New Britain

Walnut Hill Park, New Britain – Jerry Dougherty

The city of New Britain is located in central Connecticut and is a part of Hartford County. Once known as the “Great Swamp” in the Berlin section of Farmington, in 1754 the colony approved the area as a new parish and named it New Briton. By the beginning of the 19th century, New Britain had made its mark as an emerging industrial village. Nicknamed the Hardware City, New Britain has been home to the Stanley Works, the American Hardware Corporation, and various other large manufacturing companies. By 1913, the American Hardware Corporation was Connecticut’s largest employer with 12,000 workers. Today, New Britain is a working-class community known for its large Polish population. In 2010, Stanley Works purchased Black & Decker and it remains headquartered in the city.


Peddler E.H. Farrell with his cart, 1910

New Britain’s Yankee Peddlers Boost 18th-century Economy

While the rural economy of the North in the 18th century focused on local exchanges of goods within a community, Yankee peddlers used their mobility to bring finished products directly to the consumer. …[more]

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