Norwich City Hall, Union Square, Norwich, New London County
Norwich City Hall, Union Square, Norwich, New London County – Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Historic American Building Survey

Connecticut’s built environment is an eclectic mix of buildings, structures, and landscapes. From the remains of Native American pit houses some 9,000 years old to the humblest saltbox houses of the 1600s, from parks created during the City Beautiful movement to modernist and post-modern skyscrapers that punctuate our skyline, the state’s architecture tells the story of a diverse and emergent society. With the passage of the Historic Preservation Act in the 1960s, many of the state’s resources have been protected, surveyed, and documented so that the histories of the lives and times they represent can enrich our understanding of the past. As new construction methods and styles appear, we continue to design and build, adding to the state’s already distinctive cultural landscape.


Merritt Parkway, New York to Connecticut, 1941

Merritt Parkway Creates Scenic Gateway to New England

This Depression-era road improvement project sought to artfully balance the natural and built environments, and despite setbacks and scandal, achieved its aims.  …[more]



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