Deacon John Graves House, Madison

Deacon John Graves House, Madison
– Daniel Sterner,

Madison, a part of New Haven County, lies in south-central Connecticut adjacent to the Long Island Sound and between the East and Hammonasset Rivers. Formerly East Guilford, it was settled by the English in 1641 and incorporated as a separate town in 1826. Largely agricultural, it also had some notable early industries such as shipbuilding. The Boston Post Road and later turnpikes made Madison popular as a resort community for a seasonal population—a characteristic that it retains to this day. Both Hammonasset State Park and Cockaponset State Forest lie within its borders.


Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonasset State Park Serves the State and its Residents

Located in Madison, Hammonasset State Park provides visitors with opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, or strolling along the park’s meandering boardwalk. …[more]

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