West Cornwall Covered Bridge, Cornwall

West Cornwall Covered Bridge, Cornwall – Doug Kerr

Cornwall, in Litchfield County, is located on the Housatonic River in northwestern Connecticut and contains a portion of Mohawk State Forest. Formerly a part of Lebanon, the town was incorporated in May of 1740. The early economy was based on farming, but iron furnaces, including two blast furnaces, gained importance in the nineteenth century, along with the supporting charcoal making industries. Famous as the site of the Foreign Mission School and the Cream Hill Agricultural School, Cornwall has also been called the “Home of the Covered Bridge,” in reference to the 1864 West Cornwall Covered Bridge that is still in service today. One of Connecticut’s smallest towns, Cornwall has remained a rural community.


Interior West Cornwall Covered Bridge

West Cornwall Covered Bridge: An Icon of New England Craftsmanship

The West Cornwall Covered Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic places and has been a symbol of the area's rural heritage for almost 150 years. …[more]

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