Advertisement for the Enfield Powder Company
Advertisement “Gun Powder Manufactured by the Enfield Powder Company, Enfield, Conn. Sold Here.” Wells’ Steam Press, 1850–1854 – Connecticut Historical Society and Connecticut History Illustrated

Enfield, in Hartford County, is located in north-central Connecticut and borders on Massachusetts, which named and incorporated the town in 1683. Following a boundary dispute settlement, Enfield became part of Connecticut in 1749. Notable industries of Enfield’s past include carpet making in its Thompsonville district and gunpowder manufacture in its Hazardville section. The Enfield Shakers, who produced goods for themselves and to trade, also contributed to the town’s economy; in the 19th century, their garden seeds sold throughout the US. An early enterprise that still remains in Enfield today is shade tobacco production.


Shaker advertisement to board horses, 1884

Enfield’s Shaker Legacy

Shaking Quakers settled in Enfield and created the packaged seed business.  …[more]



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