Old Town Hall, Bethany – Jerry Dougherty

The town of Bethany is located in the south central region of the state in New Haven County. First settled in 1717 as part of Woodbridge, Bethany was incorporated as a town in 1832. In 1844, an act of legislature took the town’s Straitsville area, along with parts of Waterbury and Oxford, to form Naugatuck. A few decades later, the western part of Bethany became Beacon Falls. Today, this small town retains its rural nature, with dairying and agriculture being among its industries. Bethany’s reservoirs serve the larger municipalities of Naugatuck and New Haven.


A US Army Air Force Waco CG-4A-WO glider

Daring World War II Escape of a Bethany Soldier

A member of the glider service, Rollin Booth Fowler crash landed in Normandy during World War II and was captured, only to execute a daring and dramatic escape. …[more]

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