McLean Game Refuge, Granby – Dave Ginsberg

Granby, in Hartford County, is located in northern Connecticut and shares a border with Massachusetts. The town was settled in 1660 and incorporated in 1786 from a section of Simsbury. Granby is easily spotted on a map of Connecticut due to its notch in the northern border with Massachusetts—the result of a 150-year boundary-dispute settlement. The early economy was based on tobacco, agricultural products, and dairying until the mid-twentieth century. Today, Granby is a rural town with a suburban center.

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Sign for Holcomb's Inn, 1802

A Sign of the Times Blends Masonic and Patriotic Imagery

The sign from a tavern operated by Luther Holcomb, a Granby mason, reflects his fraternal affiliation as well as the establishment's role as a meeting site.  …[more]

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