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Emergence of Modern America (1890–1930)

The arrival of the 20th century accompanied revolutionary change in America. The conclusion of a successful war with Spain brought controversial new territories such as Cuba and Puerto Rico under American control. The degree of autonomy granted these acquisitions played out in debates over legislation such as the Platt Amendment. Meanwhile, rapidly progressing technologies ushered in the era of the automobile and the airplane. Connecticut was the first state in the country to pass many of the laws regulating these new forms of transportation. Despite the devastation wrought by mankind’s first “world war,” it was an era of hope characterized by the granting of voting rights to women, the birth of Hollywood and acting legends such as William Gillette, and the heyday of amusements such as those found at Savin Rock, Lake Compounce, and Luna Park.


1893-94 Duryea

Frank Duryea Drives the First Automobile in Connecticut

Frank Duryea was a long-time Madison resident who helped develop... …[more]

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