An Orderly & Decent Government: Making Self-Government Work, 1819-1865

April 12, 2018

In the mid-19th century, Connecticut looked toward changing its electoral processes as well as its civil rights record. …[more]

Categories: An Orderly & Decent Government, Canterbury, Civil War and Reconstruction, Hartford, Ithiel Town, New Haven, Norfolk, Prudence Crandall, Social Movements

The Innumerable Accolades Afforded Dr. William H. Welch

April 8, 2017

William Welch was a native of Norfolk, Connecticut, and one of the most celebrated physicians of his time. Trained at... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Education, Health and Medicine, Norfolk, The Industrial United States, Work

Hotchkiss & Sons Artillery Projectiles

Connecticut Arms the Union

January 11, 2016

Colt, Sharps, and other gun-makers weren’t the only Nutmeg-based firms that supplied armaments during the Civil War. Makers of kitchen utensils, sewing machines, textiles, and other goods re-geared production lines to meet demand. …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction, Enfield, Manchester, Mark Twain, Meriden, Middletown, New Haven, Norfolk, Samuel Colt, War and Defense, Windsor Locks

Soldiers with cannons, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery

The Complicated Realities of Connecticut and the Civil War

December 30, 2015

Citizens’ dedication on the battlefield and home front did not always signal agreement on key issues of the day. …[more]

Categories: Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction, John Brown, Norfolk, War and Defense, Windsor Locks

James Mars

James Mars’ Words Illuminate the Cruelty of Slavery in New England

February 28, 2015

Mars’ landmark memoir of the mid-1800s reveals how enslaved men and women suffered—and resisted—the injustices of bondage.  …[more]

Categories: Canaan, Connecticut History Day 2017, Hartford, Norfolk, Slavery and Abolition

Norfolk—Alive With The Sound of Summer Music

May 14, 2014

Norfolk began hosting the Yale Summer School of Music and Norfolk Chamber Music Festival back in 1941. Today the festival... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Arts, Education, Norfolk

Elm Arcade, Temple Street, New Haven

A Beautiful and Goodly Tree: The Rise and Fall of the American Elm

January 12, 2014

Almost every Connecticut town of any size has an Elm Street, named for the popular trees that grew in abundance until a fungal infestation greatly diminished their numbers. …[more]

Categories: Canterbury, Cheshire, Ellington, Environment, Everyday Life, Fairfield, Guilford, New Haven, Norfolk, Sharon, Somers, Southbury, Wethersfield, Windsor

Over Time: Norfolk’s Historical Population

January 1, 2014

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.  …[more]

Categories: Norfolk

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