A toy factory is converted to manufacture parachute flares, A. C. Gilbert Company, New Haven, 1942 – Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

From the Pequot War of 1637, and its tragic consequences for indigenous peoples, to more recent armed conflicts overseas, Connecticut’s history is punctuated by the complex political, economic, and social entanglements of war. Not only did the state send troops to fight the most significant US wars of the past three centuries, it marshaled its manufacturing resources to provide supplies and weaponry critical to victory. This helped make the Revolutionary War, World War II, and other conflicts ongoing focal points for patriotic commemoration. And, while war has sometimes fueled technological innovation and economic growth, it has also brought great loss. Monuments across the state record the human toll exacted by war.



A True Dog of War: Sergeant Stubby

The stray dog "Stubby" quickly became the mascot of the 102nd Infantry during WWI, despite an official ban on pets in the camp. …[more]

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