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Photograph of a house

Ridgefield’s Keeler Tavern

Keeler’s tavern had only served travelers and locals before Ridgefield played host to the only inland battle fought in Connecticut during the Revolutionary War.


Page from a book with colorful illustrations of animals in a human town situation

The Road to Busytown: Richard Scarry’s Life in Fairfield County

Inspired by Connecticut communities, Richard Scarry invented and illustrated some of the most beloved characters and communities in children’s literature.


Putting History on the Map

While maps serve a utilitarian function at the time of their production, they become snapshots in time of the memories of those who designed them.


Picture of a man sitting in front of a large illustration of a monster. The man is wearing a dark sweater and has his right arm propped up.

Where the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak

Authoring and illustrating dozens of books, such as ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘In the Night Kitchen,’ Maurice Sendak redefined children’s literature throughout the 20th century.


Benedict Arnold: America’s Most Famous Traitor

Benedict Arnold of Norwich was one of the great Continental army heroes of the American Revolution before committing treason and joining the British army.


Pins made by Howe Manufacturing Co., Birmingham

John Howe Makes a Better Pin – Today in History: June 22

On June 22, 1832, John Ireland Howe (from Ridgefield, Connecticut) invented the first practical machine for manufacturing pins.


The Burning of Danbury

In April of 1777, British forces under Major General William Tryon led a raid on patriot supplies stored in Danbury, Connecticut.


Lounsbury Elected Governor – Today in History: January 4

On January 4th 1899, George Edward Lounsbury was elected the 58th Governor of Connecticut, for which he served roughly three years.


Julian Alden Weir, The Farm, etching

Weir Farm the Result of a Trade – Who Knew?

Weir Farm, located in Ridgefield and Wilton, Connecticut, resulted from the trade of a painting and ten dollars.


Fight at Ridgefield

Battle at Ridgefield – Today in History: April 27

On April 27, 1777, American forces under the command of Major General David Wooster attacked the retreating British troops under Major General William Tryon in Ridgefield.


Over Time: Ridgefield’s Historical Population

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.


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