Artist J. Alden Weir's farm, Ridgefield

Artist J. Alden Weir’s farm, Ridgefield
– Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Carol M. Highsmith Archive

The town of Ridgefield, located in Fairfield County, is in the southwestern portion of Connecticut and borders the state of New York to its west. Founded in 1708 by colonists from Norwalk and Milford, and then incorporated a year later, the town was mainly a farming community until wealthy New Yorkers discovered it and built summer cottages within its borders. A battle site during the Revolutionary War, a British cannonball can still be seen in a corner post of Keeler’s Tavern. Today, Ridgefield is home to Weir Farm National Historic Site, which straddles the Ridgefield-Wilton border. It is the only National Park in Connecticut.


Fight at Ridgefield

Battle at Ridgefield – Today in History: April 27

On April 27, 1777, American forces under the command of Major General David Wooster attacked the retreating British troops under Major General William Tryon in Ridgefield. …[more]

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