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Elm Arcade, Temple Street, New Haven

A Beautiful and Goodly Tree: The Rise and Fall of the American Elm

Almost every Connecticut town has an Elm Street, named for the popular trees that grew in abundance until a fungal infestation greatly diminished their numbers.


Little Sorrel

Little Sorrel, Connecticut’s Confederate War Horse

The horse Little Sorrel became one of the most famous residents of Somers, Connecticut, and a legendary figure of the Civil War.


West view, Somers CT

Somers School of the Prophets

November 30, 2022 • Belief, Education, Somers

The Reverend Charles Backus opened one of the more prodigious schools of the prophets in Somers, Connecticut.


Detail of Connecticut and Parts Adjacent, 1780

Levi Pease, Stage Route and Transportation Innovator

Somers, Connecticut, a small town near the state’s border with Massachusetts, was the site of a revolution in 18th-century transportation.


Somers' prison opening day

Osborn Correctional Institution

April 27, 2014 • Crime and Punishment, Law, Somers

When the Connecticut Correctional Institution opened in Somers in 1963, it represented yet another chapter in the state’s history of housing those convicted of crimes.


Over Time: Somers’ Historical Population

March 28, 2014 • Hide Featured Image, Somers

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.


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