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Samuel Colt

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company

Samuel Colt: From Yankee Peddler to American Tycoon

Hartford native Samuel Colt built a financial empire on his design and automated production of the revolver.


Trade card for Hill’s Archimedean Lawn Mower Co

Selling Connecticut Products Abroad

In the mid-1800s manufacturers from cities and towns across the state found new overseas markets for everything from clocks and firearms to lawn mowers and machetes.


Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company

Samuel Colt and Elizabeth Jarvis Marry – Today in History: June 5

On June 5, 1856, Samuel Colt married Elizabeth Hart Jarvis,…


Navy-Yard, Washington

Colt’s Submarine Battery – Today in History: April 13

On April 13, 1844, Samuel Colt blew up a schooner…


Sam Colt

Sam Colt’s Funeral: The Day Hartford Stopped

The funeral of America’s first great munitions maker was spectacular—certainly the most spectacular ever seen in the state’s capital city.


Armsmear, Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford

Elizabeth Jarvis Colt Born – Today in History: October 5

October 5, 2020 • Samuel Colt, Hartford, Women

On October 5, 1826, Elizabeth Jarvis was born in Hartford….


Colt Revolver display case

The Revolving Gun – Today in History: February 25

On February 25, 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for…


Armory Fire

Colt Armory Burns – Today in History: February 4

On February 4, 1864, most of Colt’s East Armory burned…


Hotchkiss & Sons Artillery Projectiles

Connecticut Arms the Union

Colt, Sharps, and other gun-makers weren’t the only Nutmeg-based firms that supplied armaments during the Civil War. Makers of kitchen utensils, sewing machines, textiles, and other goods re-geared production lines to meet demand.


Samuel Colt…and Sewing Machines?

The National Museum of American History explains how a revolver, sewing machine, bicycle, and early-model electric automobile are connected.


View of the Colt Factory from Dutch Point

The Colt Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company

Samuel Colt, the man who revolutionized firearms manufacturing in the…


Detail of Sam Colt Memorial

The Colt Memorial, Cedar Hill Cemetery

Commissioned by Samuel Colt’s wife, Elizabeth Jarvis Colt, and designed…


Colt workers in front of the Armory, 1876

Workers at the Colt Armory, Hartford 1867

Colt Firearms has been one of the most prominent industries…


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