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Connecticut Discovered Lyme Disease – Who Knew?

The discovery of Lyme disease, and its transmission through ticks, got its start around Lyme, Connecticut in 1975.


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Alice Hamilton: The Nation’s Leading Expert on Industrial Diseases

Dr. Alice Hamilton was a leading authority on industrial diseases and the first female faculty member at Harvard before she retired to Hadlyme, Connecticut.


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Yukitaka Osaki and Gillette Castle: One of Hadlyme’s First Japanese Immigrants

For over four decades, Japanese-born Yukitaka Osaki worked for Gillette, becoming a recognizable neighbor in the Hadlyme community.


Congressional pugilists

Roger Griswold Starts a Brawl in Congress – Today in History: February 15

On February 15, 1798, Roger Griswold, a US House Representative from Connecticut, attacked Matthew Lyon on the floor of the House of Representatives.


Thomas Nason, The Leaning Silo

Thomas W. Nason, the Poet Engraver of New England

December 11, 2021 • Arts, Lyme

An artist best known for his wood engravings that accompany Robert Frost poems, Nason blended classic and modern styles to capture a vanishing rural landscape.


Eight Mile River

Continuity and Change along the Eightmile River

July 9, 2021 • Environment, Lyme, Salem

The history of the Eightmile River illustrates the vital and changing roles that such waterways have played in Connecticut’s development.


Congressional pugilists

Roger Griswold: A Governor Not Afraid To Challenge Authority

Born in Lyme, Roger Griswold was a lawyer, judge, and politician who spent the better part of his life in service to Connecticut.


Artist Louis Paul Dessar Dies – Today in History: February 14

On February 14, 1952, American artist Louis Paul Dessar died in Preston, Connecticut.


Over Time: Lyme’s Historical Population

July 9, 2014 • Hide Featured Image, Lyme

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.


The General Superintendent, Z. R. Brockway, interviewing new arrivals

Zebulon Brockway: A Controversial Figure in Prison Reform

January 2, 2014 • Crime and Punishment, Lyme, Work

Zebulon Brockway was one of the more successful and controversial figures in prison reform during the 1800s.


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