Soldiers’ Monument, Preston

Soldiers’ Monument, Preston
– Dave Pelland,

The town of Preston is located in New London County and contains the villages of Long Society, Preston City, and Poquetanuck. In 1686 the General Assembly allowed the area’s first settlers to establish a plantation on the tract of land between Norwich and Stonington, and in 1687 incorporated it as Preston, after the English city of Preston, Lancashire. Early trades in the area included shoe making, metal smithing, shipbuilding, and brickmaking. Preston today is rural town and has a large number of properties on the National Register of Historic Places including the Preston City Historic District and the Long Society Meeting House.

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Needlework by Prudence Punderson

Prudence Punderson, Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Artist: Needlework in Connecticut

Completed in the 1700s, “The First, Second and Last Scene of Mortality” is considered to be one of the most spectacular pieces of needlework in US history. …[more]

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