Salem Town House, Salem

Salem Town House, Salem – Jerry Dougherty

Located in New London County in the southeastern part of the state, the town of Salem incorporated in 1819 from parts of Colchester, Lyme, and Montville. Early on, farming made up the town’s largest industry and in the early 20th century millionaire Frederick C. Rawolle, Jr. purchased thousands of acres in town that became one of the first rural electrification sites in the country. Today, Salem is a small bedroom community and is known as the home of adventurer Hiram Bingham III, who discovered Machu Picchu, and his son Hiram Bingham IV, who in World War II rescued thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps.

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Hiram Bingham IV

Hiram Bingham IV: A Humanitarian Honored for Saving Lives during WWII

Career diplomat Hiram Bingham IV, whose family has lived in Salem, Connecticut, for generations, was born in 1903. …[more]

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