Tantaquidgeon Museum, Montville - Troy Hall

Tantaquidgeon Museum, Montville – Troy Hall
The Mohegan Tribe

The town of Montville is located in the southeastern portion of the state in New London County. Originally part of New London, the town incorporated in 1786. The rocky, forested terrain made farming difficult, but the abundant waterways allowed for diverse manufacture. Early industry included mills and factories and the making of bog ore into iron. By the late 19th century many manufacturing firms ran along the banks of the Oxoboxo River. Today, the town is made up of the villages of Chesterfield, Mohegan, Oakdale, and Uncasville. The Mohegan people, a presence in this area prior to the colonists’ arrival, maintain a 700-acre reservation that, although within Montville’s borders, is a sovereign nation. The Mohegan Sun casino resort, which draws millions of visitors per year, is one of the area’s most notable sites.


Tantaquidgeon Lodge, Montville

Medicine Woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon and Mohegan Cultural Renewal

Gladys Tantaquidgeon dedicated her life to perpetuating the beliefs and customs of her tribe and championed the protection of indigenous knowledge across the United States. …[more]

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