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Map of the Town of New Britain, Hartford County, Conn. From original surveys by E.M. Woodford

“A Noble and Precious Life”: Edgar M. Woodford, Civil Engineer, Abolitionist, and Soldier

This Avon-born man not only put his talents on the map, literally, he also went west to secure Kansas as a free state.


Map showing a newly laid road in relationship to the Talcott Mountain Turnpike

Early Turnpikes Provided Solution to Lack of Reliable Roads

September 3, 2022 • Avon, Transportation

Although few of the privately managed toll-roads of the 1800s proved profitable for investors, state commerce benefited in the long run.


Blue button with a tan colored moose profile with the word "progressive" over the moose

The Bull Moose Party in Connecticut

Connecticut expressed a brief interest in Theodore Roosevelt’s third-party, the “Bull Moose Party,” but the loss of the 1912 election proved career-ending for many candidates.


Thomas Cole, View of Monte Video, Seat of Daniel Wadsworth Esq., 1878

Talcott Mountain: A View of Early New England

July 30, 2022 • Avon, Environment, Everyday Life

The Talcott Mountain range lies in the northeastern section of…


Ensign, Bickford & Company fuse factory campus, ca. late 1800s

The Steady Evolution of a Connecticut Family Business

The product that helped build America’s railroads, mine her natural resources, expand the Panama Canal, and even blow up tree stumps in local farm fields harkens to a time when Simsbury and Avon were “fuse-making-mad.”


Joseph Alsop - Hennepin County Library

Joseph Alsop: Cunning Political Columnist of Mid-Century America

Joseph Wright Alsop was one of the country’s most well-known political journalists of the 20th century and was drawn into some of the most influential power circles in the world.


First Company Governor’s Horse Guards escorting President Taft

Oldest Cavalry Unit – Who Knew?

….that the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards is the oldest,…


Chinese Educational Mission: the college, Hartford

Yung Wing, the Chinese Educational Mission, and Transnational Connecticut

In their respective tragic but inspiring final American acts, Yung and the Mission reflect the worst and best of the Chinese Exclusion Act era.


Yung Wing

Avon’s Educational and Cultural Pioneer

October 21, 2020 • Avon, Yung Wing, Education, Immigration

Yung Wing was the first Chinese student to graduate from…


Climax Fuse Company, 1899

Avon Industry: From Underground to Outerspace

The Climax Fuse Company manufactured safety fuse, a type of…


Over Time: Avon’s Historical Population

December 3, 2013 • Avon, Hide Featured Image

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.


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