Avon Old Farms School

Avon Old Farms School

The Hartford County town of Avon is located in the Farmington Valley with the Talcott Mountain range on its northeastern border. Europeans settled the area, known first as Nod and then Northington, as part of Farmington in 1645. The Farmington Canal’s opening in 1828 brought new business to the village, which sat where the canal intersected the Talcott Mountain Turnpike linking Hartford to Albany, New York. Hopes of industrial and commercial growth spurred Avon to incorporate in 1830. Such expansion never came and, in the 1900s, the rural town became a suburban enclave. Distinguished residents include Yung Wing, the first Chinese student to graduate from an American university (Yale, 1854).

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Thomas Cole, View of Monte Video, Seat of Daniel Wadsworth Esq., 1878

Talcott Mountain: A View of Early New England

The Talcott Mountain range lies in the northeastern section of Avon and is arguably the town's most prominent geographic feature. …[more]

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