Jonathan Trumbull

Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.

Governor Jonathan Trumbull Dies – Today in History: August 17

August 17, 2018

On August 17, 1785, Connecticut’s first governor, Jonathan Trumbull, died. A merchant, judge, and politician, Trumbull held the distinction of... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Jonathan Trumbull, Lebanon, Politics and Government, Revolutionary War

Detail from A Map of the Connecticut Western Reserve, from actual Survey, surveyed by Seth Pease

New Connecticut on Lake Erie: Connecticut’s Western Reserve

July 7, 2016

If you drive through the area of Ohio still called the Western Reserve today, you will find towns named Norwich, Saybrook, New London, Litchfield, Mansfield, and Plymouth.  …[more]

Categories: Environment, Everyday Life, Exploration and Discovery, Jonathan Trumbull, Revolution and the New Nation

Sarah Trumbull with a Spaniel by John Trumbull

American Painter John Trumbull Born – Today in History: June 6

June 6, 2016

On June 6, 1756, John Trumbull, painter, architect, and author, was born in Lebanon. The son of Governor Jonathan Trumbull,... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Arts, John Trumbull, Jonathan Trumbull, Lebanon

The Importance of Being Puritan: Church and State in Colonial Connecticut

September 2, 2015

In the sixteenth century, Connecticut Protestants wanted to cleanse the church of what they saw as corruption, and to return to the simplicity and purity of early Christian worship.  …[more]

Categories: Belief, Colonization and Settlement, Hartford, John Davenport, Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Trumbull, New Haven, New London, Old Saybrook, The State, Thomas Hooker, Wethersfield, Windsor

Pastoral Picture by Faith Trumbull

Faith Trumbull: The Artist Was a Young Girl

March 13, 2013

Her younger brother may be the better-known artist today, but it was her accomplished needlework pictures that inspired his youthful imagination.  …[more]

Categories: Arts, Education, John Trumbull, Jonathan Trumbull, Lebanon, Women

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