Detail from the map Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nec non partis Virginiae tabula multis in locis emendata per Nicolaum Vissche, ca. 1685, illustrating the location of the House of (Good) Hope - Mystic Seaport and Connecticut History Online

Dutch explorer Adriaen Block sails along the Connecticut coastline and up the Connecticut River.
The Earl of Warwick signs the “Warwick Patent,” a deed of conveyance granting land rights in what is now southeastern Connecticut.
The Dutch establish a fort, the House of (Good) Hope, at the modern-day location of Hartford.
William Holmes, of the Plymouth Colony, establishes a trading post where the Farmington River meets the Connecticut River. It is arguably the first English settlement in Connecticut and ultimately becomes the town of Windsor.
Captain John Oldham establishes a settlement south of the Dutch in Hartford that eventually becomes the town of Wethersfield.
Engineer and soldier Lion Gardiner is hired to erect a fort at Saybrook, establishing the Saybrook Colony at the mouth of the Connecticut River.
Thomas Hooker and a group of settlers from Massachusetts found Hartford.
The Colony of Connecticut is formed when the towns of Hartford, Windsor, and Wethersfield join together.
The Connecticut Colony formally declares war on the Pequot.
Settlers establish the towns of Fairfield, Guilford, Milford, and Stratford.
John Haynes is chosen as Connecticut’s first governor.
Connecticut becomes a founding member of the New England Confederation.
The Saybrook and Connecticut colonies unite.
The New London area, originally founded by John Winthrop Jr., is established.
In Hartford, authorities hang Alse Young, the first person in Connecticut to be executed for witchcraft.
The legislature passes the code of laws drawn up by Roger Ludlow.
John Winthrop Jr. acquires a royal charter meant to unite the colony of Connecticut with the New Haven Colony. It ends up serving as Connecticut’s constitution for the next 156 years.
Authorities complete the unification of the New Haven and Connecticut colonies.

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