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Downed tree after the tornado at Wallingford

The Great Wallingford Tornado – Today in History: August 9

August 9, 2021 • Disaster, Wallingford, Weather

On August 9, 1878, a tornado swept from west to…


J. Frederick Kelly: Constructing Connecticut’s Architectural History

J. Frederick Kelly was both a well-known architect and preservationist, as well as an architectural historian, whose works chronicled the intricacies found in many of Connecticut’s historical properties.


State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Norwich, Conn.

The White Plague: Progressive-Era Tuberculosis Treatments in Connecticut

Tuberculosis was a leading cause of death in the early 20th century. Treatments for included everything from exposure to extremes in temperature to regimens involving access to the outdoors.


The Wallingford Oneida Community

In the late 1800s, Wallingford was home to a small branch of the Oneida Community.


Detail from a New York Times article August 11, 1886

The Shoe Box Murder Mystery

On the morning of August 8, 1886, on a walk through the Parker farm district of Wallingford, Edward Terrill and his dog uncovered what appeared to be a box of a dozen shoes that had recently fallen from a cart.


Oakdale Musical Theatre, Wallingford

The Story of the Oakdale Makes Great Theater

The legendary Oakdale Theater in Wallingford reflects over 60 years…


Hometown Hero: Wallingford Remembers Stanley Budleski

Yalesville green memorializes pilot who lost his life in World War II.


Lyman Hall memorial, Center Street Cemetery

Wallingford Native Son Signed the Declaration of Independence

Lyman Hall was a doctor, minister, and statesman from Connecticut…


The wreck of Major Lufbery's machine, May 19, 1918

World War I Flying Ace Raoul Lufbery

Although his time as a Connecticut resident was short, this aviator left his mark on Wallingford and a generation fighter pilots.


The Boston Braves playing during spring training

Spring Training Baseball Comes to Wallingford

Spring training baseball is a tradition in the United States…


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