The Telescoping Fishing Rod – Today in History: March 8
Advertisement for the Horton Mfg. Co.

Advertisement for the Horton Mfg. Co., Bristol, from Recreation magazine, January, 1915.

The Horton Manufacturing Company

The Horton Manufacturing Company

On March 8, 1887, Everett Horton, a Bristol mechanic, patented a fishing rod of telescoping steel tubes. The rod was lightweight and compact, and the steel tubes protected the line from tangling and snagging on branches while hiking to a favorite fishing hole. The Horton Manufacturing Company later formed in Bristol and produced a complete line of steel fishing rods, from fly tackle to deep sea. Ads for Bristol rods were seen across the country in magazines from Field & Stream to Popular Mechanics.

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Horton, Everett. Patent Number 359, 153 - Fishing Rod. 359,153. Bristol, CT, issued March 8, 1887. Link.

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