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Killingworth’s Automated Attraction – Who Knew?

In the 1890s Clark Coe created an attraction of life-sized moving figures called the Killingworth Images on his farm on Green Hill Road.


Jared Eliot

Jared Eliot Calls on Colonists to Change their Agricultural Practices

In 1760, this Killingworth minister and farmer published the first agricultural advice book in the British American colonies.


Yale charter, October 9, 1701

When Old Saybrook Was a College Town

Yale University traces its origins back to the Connecticut Colony’s passing of “An Act for the Liberty to Erect a Collegiate School” in 1701.


Detail of A New and Correct Map of the United States by Abel Buell

An Uncommonly Ingenious Mechanic: Abel Buell of Connecticut

This Yankee jack-of-all-trades, Abel Buell, created the first map of the new United States to be printed and published in America.


Yale University from Colonial Times to the Present

Yale University has grown from the small “Collegiate School” founded in Saybrook in 1701 to one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


A Shipping and Railroad Magnate Remembers His Connecticut Roots

From Connecticut, Charles Morgan was a shipping and railroad magnate who became one of the most esteemed New York millionaires of the 19th century.


Over Time: Killingworth’s Historical Population

March 12, 2014 • Hide Featured Image, Killingworth

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.


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