On the day of the May 1, 1969, protest pickets outside the US Court House in Hartford, several men wear the trademark black beret of Black Panther party members. Photograph by David Ploss - The Hartford Times Collection, Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library

Hartford Times – Voices of Change

1960's photographs from The Hartford Times offer a look back at a decade of protest that focused local and national attention on the civil rights of African Americans, the war in Vietnam, and the inequalities facing women.  …[more]

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Detail from a map of Hayt

Ebenezer Bassett’s Historic Journey

February 27, 2015

This educator, activist, and associate of Frederick Douglass served the US as its first African American ambassador. …[more]

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William Gillette

William Gillette’s Last Performance – Today in History: February 27

On February 27, 1936, William Gillette made his last appearance on any Connecticut stage at the Bushnell Memorial auditorium in Hartford, starring in Austin Strong’s comedy Three Wise Fools. After …[more]

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Arrest of White House pickets Catherine Flanagan of Hartford, Connecticut, and Madeleine Watson of Chicago

Women of the Prison Brigade

February 26, 2015

These women from all walks of life had one thing in common: they had been jailed for demonstrating in support of women's right to vote. …[more]

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John Warner Barber, South view of Hebron, CT., ca. 1836. The house beside the church is identified as the residence of John S. Peters (nephew of Rev. Samuel Peters)  - Connecticut Historical Society and Connecticut History Online

Changing Sentiments on Slavery in Colonial Hebron

Residents of Hebron rescued local slaves Lowis and Cesar Peters, and their children, from South Carolina slave traders. After emancipation, the rescued family became farmers in town. …[more]

Categories: Colchester, Coventry, Everyday Life, Hebron, Revolutionary War, Slavery and Abolition, Tolland

Colt Revolver display case

The Revolving Gun – Today in History: February 25

February 25, 2015

On February 25, 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for a “revolving gun” US patent number 138, later known as 9430X. His improvement in fire-arm design allowed a gun to …[more]

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