Race Restrictive Covenants in Property Deeds

Race Restrictive Covenants in Property Deeds

“No persons of any race except the white race shall use or occupy any building on any lot... ." Language such as this still appears in Hartford-area housing covenants today. …[more]

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Portrait of Edward Alexander Bouchet, Yale College class of 1874, the first African-American to graduate from Yale College -  Yale University Manuscripts & Archives Digital Images Database

Edward Alexander Bouchet: The First African American to Earn a PhD from an American University

February 10, 2016

Edward Alexander Bouchet was a physicist who was among Yale's first African American students, and reportedly became the first African American in the United States to earn a PhD. …[more]

Categories: Education, New Haven, Science, Social Movements

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller dies – Today in History: February 10

On February 10, 2005, the award-winning American playwright Arthur Asher Miller died at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, of congestive heart failure. The next night the lights of New York’s …[more]

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Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stratton

Charles Stratton and Lavinia Warren Wed – Today in History: February 10

He was rich, handsome and famous, she was considered a great beauty and their wedding was front page news around the nation. …[more]

Categories: Bridgeport, P.T. Barnum, Popular Culture

Female students and their chaperones from Virginia, Hartman Tobacco’s Camp Buckland, Manchester, 1950 - Dawn Byron Hutchins

Laboring in the Shade

February 9, 2016

Thousands of black Southern students, including a young Martin Luther King Jr., came north to work in Connecticut's tobacco fields. …[more]

Categories: Agriculture, Business and Industry, Connecticut History Day 2016, Everyday Life, Granby, Immigration, Simsbury, Social Movements, Windsor, Women, Work

Reproduction of Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin Model - National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center

North and South: The Legacy of Eli Whitney

After studying to become a lawyer, Eli Whitney actually helped further American industrial production methods through his numerous clever inventions. …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Civil War, Eli Whitney, Hamden, Invention and Technology, Work

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