Seymour was Chusetown – Who Knew?
November 15, 2021 • Derby, Politics and Government, Seymour

View of Seymour, Connecticut, formerly Humphreysville, as it was in 1812, ca. 1850 - Connecticut Historical Society

…that this small but thriving town had many names before 1850, when residents decided to name their home Seymour after Connecticut governor Thomas H. Seymour.

Originally named Chuseville, the area was later renamed Humphreysville, after Derby resident David Humphreys. In 1850 the area was still part of Derby but residents wanted to break off and form their own community. They chose to name their town Richmond and several residents traveled to Hartford to petition for separation. They submitted a bill with the name changed to Seymour, and the General Assembly officially incorporated the town during the May 1850 legislative session.

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