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A Legacy of Thriving Cities 1905

Circus Parade, Main Street, Hartford
Circus Parade, Main Street, Hartford, circa 1890 – Connecticut Historical Society

The turn of the century brought a sharp rise in the importance and vitality of Connecticut’s cities.  Cities were growing rapidly due to increased immigration and industrialization.  For example, in the 30 years from 1880 to 1910 Bridgeport grew from 30,000 people to over 100,000. Waterbury jumped from 20,000 to 90,000. However, it was not just industrial workers that were boosting the cities’ populations.  More middle class professionals were drawn into the cities as well.  Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Waterbury all saw drastic increases in their population.  These newly developed cities became the shaping environment for generations of Connecticut citizens.

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