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The city of New Haven is located in New Haven County in the southern part of the state along the Long Island Sound. The English Puritans who founded New Haven Colony in 1638 laid out the town according to a grid, known as the “Nine Square Plan,” that made accommodations for future growth.  Arguably, this makes New Haven America’s first planned town. Incorporated as a city in 1784, early New Haven was a thriving port and mercantile center, as well as home to Yale College. In the 19th century, industry dominated. By the mid-1900s, after industrial decline had altered many cities, New Haven took the lead in federal urban renewal programs.


Death of Captain Ferrer

The Amistad

After enslaved people revolted and took control of the Amistad in 1839, Americans captured the ship off Long Island and imprisoned the enslaved in New Haven.  …[more]

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