Westover School, Middlebury

Westover School, Middlebury
– Daniel Sterner, HistoricBuildingsCT.com

Incorporated in 1807 from former Southbury, Waterbury, and Woodbury lands, the town of Middlebury located in New Haven County town took its name from its location in the midst, or middle, of these communities. Agriculture, with supporting small industries such as blacksmithing, provided Middlebury’s early economic base. The 1800s saw the rise of textile mills and small factories but by the 1900s, these had declined and dairying and raising saddle horses predominated. Middlebury is also home to the Westover School for girls, founded in 1909 by Mary Robbins Hillard, and designed by Theodate Riddle Pope, one of the first women architects in the US.


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