King Solomons Lodge 17, Woodbury

King Solomons Lodge 17, Woodbury – Jerry Dougherty

Woodbury, in Litchfield County, is located in west-central Connecticut along the Pomeraug River. Formerly Pomperaug Plantation, the area was settled in 1659 and Woodbury was split off and named as a town in 1673. The Pootatuck path (an early Native American trail), crossed what is now Woodbury’s Main Street. The area was named Woodbury in recognition of its function as a “dwelling place in the woods.” An early agricultural community, today Woodbury is known for its Colonial-era homes and antiques.

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Leroy Anderson at home in the 1950s

Leroy Anderson Composed Iconic Music in Woodbury

Leroy Anderson, a long-time resident of Woodbury, was one of the most popular composers of light concert music in the 20th century. …[more]

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