The “Red Scare” in Connecticut

November 7, 2017

The Palmer Raids, launched in Connecticut in 1919, were part of the paranoia known as the "Red Scare" that resulted in numerous civil rights violations committed by law enforcement officials. …[more]

Categories: Bridgeport, Crime and Punishment, Emergence of Modern America, Hartford, Manchester, New Britain, New Haven, Social Movements, Surprise, Waterbury

Vivien Kellems Takes On the IRS

April 15, 2017

Reformer Vivien Kellems fought her most famous battle against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as she sought tax reform for businesses and single people. …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Postwar United States, Social Movements, Stonington, Surprise, Westport, Women, Work


A True Dog of War: Sergeant Stubby

November 12, 2016

In 1917, as the 102nd Infantry, 26th Yankee Division of the US Army trained and camped around the Yale Bowl... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Emergence of Modern America, New Haven, Surprise, War and Defense, World War I

Map of the state of Connecticut showing Indian trails, villages and sachemdoms

Andover to Woodstock: How Connecticut Ended Up with 169 Towns

June 15, 2016

Religious mandates, the difficulties of colonial-era travel, and industrialization are a few of the forces that gave rise to the proliferation of towns in our state. …[more]

Categories: Andover, Belief, Environment, Politics and Government, Pomfret, Surprise, The State, Woodstock

Early 20th-Century Immigration in Connecticut

March 20, 2014

Immigration to Connecticut in the early 20th century continued much as it had in decades prior. It was an era... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Emergence of Modern America, Immigration, Social Movements, Surprise, Work, World War I

New Haven Green

The Connecticut Town Green

May 18, 2013

Considered a quintessential feature of the New England landscape, town greens weren't always the peaceful, park-like spaces we treasure today. …[more]

Categories: Architecture, Everyday Life, Historic Preservation, Lebanon, New Haven, Newtown, Popular Culture, Surprise

Inventor Charles F. Ritchel

Charles Ritchel and the Dirigible

November 11, 2012

An entrepreneur’s design for a lighter-than-air vehicle takes flight in the late 1800s and inspires a new state industry.  …[more]

Categories: Bridgeport, Hartford, Invention and Technology, New Haven, Science, Surprise, The Industrial United States, Transportation, World War I

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