St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland

The Wearing of the Green: 19th-century Prints of Irish Subjects by Hartford’s Kellogg Brothers

March 17, 2017

Irish immigrants arrived in Connecticut in great numbers during the 1800s and, while anti-Irish sentiment was widespread, Hartford’s Kellogg brothers viewed these new Americans as potential customers. …[more]

Categories: Arts, Business and Industry, Everyday Life, Surprise

Ernest Borgnine: Breaking the Hollywood Mold

January 24, 2017

Ernest Borgnine, a native of Hamden who served ten years in navy, became one of the world's most recognized and revered actors. …[more]

Categories: Arts, Hamden, Hartford, New Haven, North Haven, Popular Culture, Postwar United States, Surprise, World War II

Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Most Famous American in the World

July 1, 2016

In 1853, in cities and villages across Britain and Europe, throngs of admirers pushed and shoved to catch a glimpse of a barely 5-foot-tall writer from America whose best-selling novel had taken slavery to task. …[more]

Categories: Expansion and Reform, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Literature, Popular Culture, Social Movements, Surprise, Women

New Netherlands and New England map

Reckoning with the Dutch: the Treaty of Hartford, 1650

October 12, 2015

Hartford place names, such as Dutch Point, Huyshope Avenue, and Adriaen’s Landing, are reminders of a time when Connecticut was part of New Netherlands. …[more]

Categories: Environment, Exploration and Discovery, Law, Surprise

Silkworms, Cheney Brothers, Manchester

Connecticut’s Mulberry Craze

August 30, 2015

In pursuit of silk thread, the state went crazy for mulberry trees. …[more]

Categories: Agriculture, Business and Industry, Expansion and Reform, Manchester, Mansfield, Surprise, The Industrial United States

Putnam’s Cave or Wolf Den

The Last Wolf in Connecticut

February 1, 2014

There are many versions of the story of Israel Putnam and the wolf, but the original is found in a book first published in Hartford in 1788 while Putnam was still alive. …[more]

Categories: Folklore, Israel Putnam, Pomfret, Surprise

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