Sleeping Giant State Park
Observation Tower, Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden

Hamden, in New Haven County, is located in southern Connecticut. Originally settled by the Puritans as part of New Haven Colony, it was incorporated as its own town in May of 1786. Home to Eli Whitney’s armory, it played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution in America. Marked by two large trap rock formations, Hamden is nicknamed, The Land of the Sleeping Giant, after the hills of Mount Carmel in the north. Home to Quinnipiac University, Hamden is Connecticut’s thirteenth-largest town, with an urban section to the south and a rural suburb in the north.


Sleeping Giant, Mount Carmel, Hamden

A Volcanic Giant Sleeps in Hamden

The town of Hamden lies between two trap rock formations that constitute its northern and southern borders. While East Rock... Read more » …[more]



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