Vietnam War Moratorium peace demonstration, Bushnell Park, Hartford

Vietnam War Moratorium peace demonstration, Bushnell Park, Hartford, October 15, 1969
– Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library and Connecticut History Illustrated

Vietnam War (1956 to 1975)

The Vietnam era was as divisive in Connecticut as it was in the rest of the United States. Over 600 Connecticut servicemen lost their lives in the war. While major cities like Hartford felt the brunt of the losses, few communities in Connecticut were unaffected. In response to growing concern over America’s presence in Vietnam, Connecticut saw its share of protests, and groups of Connecticut Vietnam veterans even joined in five days of demonstrations in Washington, DC, in April of 1971. In the decades following the war, Connecticut increased its efforts to recognize the sacrifices of its men and women in Vietnam. Memorials include a monument in Coventry, as well as numerous parks and structures throughout the state.

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