The World’s Record for the Largest Muster – Who Knew?
July 13, 2021 • Deep River, Who Knew?
Deep River Drum Corps

Deep River Drum Corps., ca. 1900 -Connecticut Historical Society

…that Deep River holds the distinction of hosting the largest Ancient Fife and Drum Muster.

The record was set in 1976 and recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records. This folk tradition has brought fifers and drummers from across the country together every year since 1953 to play on the third Saturday of July. Known as the Deep River Ancient Muster, the event is hosted by the Deep River Junior Ancients, the Deep River Ancient Muster Committee, and the Deep River Drum Corps. The ancient fife and drum corps which perform at the event traditionally play historically significant music or pieces that have been written specifically for the fife and wooden rope-tension snare and bass drums.

The earliest recorded gathering in Deep River was for a Field Day on May 13, 1879, when musicians came together to honor the history of the fife and drum in America’s Revolutionary War militia service. The first time Deep River referred to this type of gathering as a “muster” occurred on September 5, 1953. Fifteen corps, from the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and points in between, gathered in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Deep River Drum Corps.

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