Beatrice Fox Auerbach

Beatrice Fox Auerbach
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Beatrice Fox Auerbach (1887-1968)

Born in Hartford, Beatrice Fox Auerbach grew up in a family made wealthy by her grandfather Gerson Fox’s success in the dry goods business. After marrying George Auerbach, Beatrice lived for a time in Utah but returned to Hartford in 1917 when fire destroyed the G. Fox and Company building. Following George’s death in 1927, Beatrice entered the family business and, after her father passed, became store president. From 1938 to 1965, she introduced a number of retail innovations and grew the business into the largest privately-held store in the country. She also instituted important labor reforms, such as a 40-hour, 5-day work week; retirement plans; and advancement opportunities for African Americans. Numerous philanthropic and civic achievements also marked her stellar career.

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Beatrice Fox Auerbach meets with the department heads of her store, G. Fox & Company

Beatrice Fox Auerbach: Retail Pioneer Led Iconic Family Department Store

Beatrice Fox Auerbach was pioneering retail executive who ran the G. Fox & Co. department store and numerous philanthropic benefiting people in Hartford and around the world. …[more]

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