The Taft School, Watertown

The Taft School, Watertown

Watertown is located in Litchfield County in the Central Naugatuck Valley. In 1738 the First Ecclesiastical Society of Westbury formed, and in 1780 the town separated from Waterbury and incorporated as Watertown. Although rural in nature, the town saw growth in light manufacture, including a spooled silk thread factory in the mid-1800s, a cutting tools factory, and, in the 20th century, the Watertown Manufacturing Company, which produced plastic shatterproof dinnerware, and the Princeton Knitting Mills that produced the first high-nap imitation fur. John Trumbull, Revolutionary War poet, lawyer, and judge, was born in town in 1750. Today, Watertown’s landscape is a rural and suburban mix and is considered a suburb of Waterbury.


When Milk Powered Watertown’s Industry

The story of the dairy industry in Watertown mirrors that of many industries in Connecticut. …[more]

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