Mine Hill iron-making complex, Roxbury
Mine Hill iron-making complex, Roxbury – Ashley Estep

The town of Roxbury is located in the state’s northwest corner in the Litchfield Hills. Once known as Shepaug, which means “rocky water,” the town was settled in 1713 as part of Woodbury and incorporated as Roxbury in 1796. By the middle of the 18th century, residents discovered valuable natural resources, including iron ore and granite, within town bounds and opened Mine Hill. There, they built a smelting furnace and a quarry. Today, Roxbury is known for its quiet tranquility and through the years has attracted a diverse assortment of residents including Seth Warner, Ethan Allen, Alexander Calder, Marilyn Monroe, and Arthur Miller.


Alexander Calder at Stegosaurus sculpture dedication

A World in Motion: Artist and Sculptor Alexander Calder

Most renowned for his invention of the mobile, an abstract sculpture that moves, Calder is considered a pioneer of kinetic art. …[more]



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