Former Prospect Library, Prospect
Former Prospect Library, Prospect – Jerry Dougherty

Prospect, in New Haven County, is located in southwestern Connecticut near Waterbury. Formerly Columbia Parrish, Prospect was incorporated in 1827 and was formed from the neighboring towns of Waterbury and Cheshire. Located at the highest elevation in New Haven County, the town is named for the views it provided. Predominately an agricultural community, waterpower harnessed along the Ten Mile River was utilized by small manufacturers to produce everything from brass thimbles to matches. In 1853, the state’s only completed plank road (connecting Waterbury to Cheshire), was built through the town. Unable to compete with the larger factories of Naugatuck and Waterbury, Prospect has remained a rural suburb.


Benjamin Dutton Beecher had a Penchant for Invention

Benjamin Dutton Beecher was a millwright and machinist with a knack for invention. Described by some as “eccentric,” Beecher lived... Read more » …[more]



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