Congregational Church

Congregational Church, Marlborough – Jerry Dougherty

The town of Marlborough, located at the southeastern tip of Hartford County, was formed from the towns of Glastonbury, Hebron, and Colchester. The town incorporated in 1803, although a thriving community existed well before then. Primarily a farming community, Marlborough had its share of light industry and manufacture which included grain and lumber mills, a gunnery owned by Colonel Elisha Buell, and the Union Manufacturing Company. The landscape is a mix of rocky hills, stretches of woodland, and lakes and streams. Today, the town is mostly residential in nature and is still known for Sadler’s Ordinary, a Colonial-era rest stop.


Mary Hall: Connecticut’s First Female Attorney

Writer and suffragist Mary Hall studied law under John Hooker and became Connecticut's first female attorney. …[more]

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