Woodbridge Lake, Goshen

Woodbridge Lake, Goshen

The town of Goshen, located in Litchfield County, is in the northwestern part of Connecticut and contains a large portion of the Mohawk State Forest. First settled in 1738, the town was incorporated a year later. Primarily a farming community in the 18th century, Goshen also prospered in business. During the American Revolution the town manufactured musket rifles. Other successful ventures included the pineapple cheese factory and the Hervey Brooks pottery shop. A portion of the Appalachian Trail once ran through the town until it was re-routed west of the Housatonic River. Today, Goshen Center and West Goshen are the town’s two principal communities.


Hervey Brooks's pottery wheel

Hervey Brooks’s 19th-Century Pottery Barn

Hervey Brooks was an American potter and farmer who made... …[more]

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